Hello there.

This blog has been a long time coming and I’m finally getting the courage to write my first post. It’s not like blogging is scary, but putting myself out there sure is!

I have been a personal trainer for almost two years now and an athlete long before that. I stumbled upon (literally on StumbleUpon.com) Mark’s Daily Apple about 3 years ago and have been interested in the primal/paleo lifestyle ever since then. I have read countless books and blogs, and have tried sharing the information to anyone curious about nutrition. Unfortunately, most people that I share this with are not willing to give up grains, dairy and their 100 calorie snack packs. As Americans, it can be hard to look past the aisles and shelves stocked full of crackers, cookies and cereals (among many other “food-like substances”). However, it is becoming more apparent that these foods are slowly making us overweight, unhealthy and ultimately, SICK.

“Some Like It Paleo” is going to be a way for me share this lifestyle with people who are genuinely interested in learning about how to be healthy and happy! It will have a multitude of different things going on until I can figure out what my true direction is; it will be educational with a side of my personal experiences. I will be sharing my own knowledge and blogging my way through new paleo experiments (and yes, even simply cooking can be an experiment for me!). One of the first things on my “list” is to make my own kombucha! (Yay fermented tea!)

Thank you all for reading!