Kale/Goat Cheese Omelet

I can never have enough eggs. EVER. So, when I got home from work late tonight with nothing prepped in the fridge, eggs were the obvious choice. I decided to add some kale to the mix and then sprinkled goat cheese on top. I folded it in half and BAM! It’s now an omelet…and I didn’t even mean to get fancy.

The title of this post is inspired by the hilarious and all-around awesome Liz Wolfe of Cave Girl Eats. I just made us sound like besties, didn’t I? Well, after listening to her and Diane from Balanced Bites on their weekly podcast, it’s hard not to see (or hear) how great they are. (If you all want to learn more about paleo in a fun way, their podcast is the way to go.) Anyway, Liz’s first book Eat the Yolks is coming out soon and you should all probably pre-order it. I’m sure I will do a review when it comes out. I cannot wait to read it!

#EatTheYolks people.

– J